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ADK Truck & Equipment, LLC assists excavation, construction, logging companies, and individuals to sell or buy heavy equipment. ADK Truck & Equipment is not just going to list your heavy equipment, we are going to sell it, and sell it at a price that makes you happy. We’re always working hard to provide our customers with the knowledge and the right heavy equipment to fulfill their needs.

If you’re looking for used heavy equipment, please check out our inventory. If we don’t have the piece that you are looking for, we will certainly find it for you. ADK Truck & Equipment is not your average dealership or broker. We thrive on helping customers, not sales.  –Colin Dunn, Owner (518) 323-5436

2017 John Deere 437E Loader


2015 John Deere 853M Buncher


1992 Franklin 560 Skidder


1980 International Flatbed


1999 Prentice 210E


2007 Trailstar Quad Axle Trailer


1984 John Deere 640


2009 John Deere 643J


2004 Volvo VHD Triaxle Dump


1980 CAT 215 Excavator


2004 Fassi F270A.23


1980 Peterbilt 359


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